Material surveillance platform

Each explanted graft with complication must be declared by the responsible for material surveillance of the hospital where it was explanted to a national health organization.

The GEPROVAS is in charge of collecting and analyzing complicated but also non complicated grafts in order to generate a statiscally valuable database.

This is the heart of the GEPROVAS activity.

The aim of such an approach is to caracterize and also better understand the reasons of degradation and prosthesis failure but also to evaluate the degree of ageing.

We based our expertise on clinical and mechanics of textile knowledge. 

The GEPROVAS help to improve patients'care. 

Our material surveillance platform is ISO 9001 certified?


Since December 6, 2012, our analysis program of explanted vascular prostheses is ISO 9001 certified.

For each explanted prosthesis sent to the GEPROVAS:

  • When receiving it, is referenced in our database. All information about it are stored and updated.
  • Then, the explanted prosthesis is macroscopically analysed before cleaning.
  • If needed, we take a specimen for histological study.
  • The explanted prosthesis is cleaned.
  • Then we do a macroscopic and microscopic analysis, after cleaning.
  • A short analysis report is written.


View your results

For surgeons and explantors

The explanting surgeon is informed by email when its report is available. He has access to them on its personnal Espace Pro.


For manufacturers and/or company

Since 2014, we offer to company to suscribe to our material surveillance program to be informed on the analysis of their own prosthesis.

For any information, please contact our secretary if you want to  access to analysis reports.

Take part in our program?

To send us your explanted prosthesis: 

  • if you already have bottle for grafts shipment:

  1. Put the explanted prosthesis in the bottle with formaline 10%, and join its clinical data sheet (click to download).


  • if you don't already have bottle for grafts shipment:

  1. Contact us by mail with your postal address, we send you the kit necessary to the graft shipment, containing bottle and clinical data file.
  2. When receiving it, put the explanted prosthesis in the bottle with formaline, and join its clinical data sheet.
  3. Send this kit to the GEPROVAS: 


Institut d'anatomie pathologique

4 rue Kirschleger

67085 Strasbourg CEDEX


You will be informed of the recept of the graft by mail. You will have our own space on this website to view the analysis report at the end of the explanted prosthesis treatment.