Tests platform

The vascular substitutes, like all medical devices, must carry the CE marking to be able to move freely within the European Union.

One of the activities of the GEPROVAS consists in evaluating the performances and the characteristics of vascular prostheses on the basis of standards in force. The GEPROVAS is particularly interessed in mechanical and physical properties of explanted vascular prosthesis.

In partnership with Hospital of Mulhouse and the Laboratory of Textile Physics and Mechanics (LPMT), the GEPROVAS use devices of measuring allowing this characterization.

Optical, mechanical, spectro-mechanical, and physico-chemical techniques afford to offer complete and relevant analyses on the vascular devices. 

Our tests platform is ISO 13485 certified!

Since February 6, 2014, tests platform of the GEPROVAS is certified to:

  • develop and realise tests,
  • redact tests reports with expertise on vascular prosthesis.

The GEPROVAS offers to realise some ISO 7198 tests, particularly:

Determination of usable lenght

Determination of longitudinale tensile strength

Determination of circomferential tensile strength

Determination of water permeability

Determination of wall thickness

Determination of compliance


The GEPROVAS also offers to realise tests on demand to meet your needs.

The GEPROVAS  puts available a test report for each test performed.

How solicit the GEPROVAS?

  • The GEPROVAS realises tests on request of manufactures and industrial partners.

Please send your demand for tests by mail to our tests platform responsible, we will examine it as soon as possible to provide you a proposal. When we will receive your order and your samples, we will start tests.

  • On specific requests, the GEPROVAS can realise tests on explanted vascular prosthesis collected by the material surveillance platform.

Theses more detailed analysis are made with specific contracts. Please contact our tests platform responsible to know more.